Provide Meals For the Need

Below we have Mutiple options for you to donate bitcoins. Scroll below to see the options.

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Give the gift of clean, safe and healthy meal in a whole new way.

In 2018, we launched a bold new initiative.

The Meals Promise is combining highly motivated people who are interested in helping peoples to get their daily meals. We ensure they will have their meals and don’t go hunger.

Bitcoin donations will be used to provide meals for those who in need. And like Bitcoin, this new tech will provide unmatched transparency and accountability in our work.

Donate Bitcoins

Donate Bitcoins

Bitcoin Address: 1MV3qPzksfw1WKaP4AihmgWpmruqZngaoz

We respect Your Privacy. We don’t Share your Details Unless you want us to share it with the Public.

donate bitcoins

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Donate Ethereum

Ethereum Address: 0xe46aC90d37a005954757EEC07256833B11b1F1A9

If you can’t do bitcoin donations, you can donate via Ethereum.

donate ethereum

                      Scan The QR Code above to Donate Ethereum

Donate Litecoin 

Litecoin Address: LUbwtR2c1NxSSzw2VJ27ZiacYCXxSiT1Jj

You can also donate via Litecoins, if you don’t have bitcoins for donations.

donate litecoin

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Donate Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash address: 1GXRiEmwigekdKRvuogEw1wcyShMrpgphp

Donate Bitcoin cash, if you don’t have bitcoins for donation.

donate bitcoin cash

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Donate Dash

Dash Address: XjBxrEmoyf5zihL48rxVbry4r7NB1dmzqS

Donate Dash, if you can’t donate bitcoins. We have several options for donations. Make use of that

donate dash

                      Scan The QR Code above to Donate Dash

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