Donate Food for the Poor

Join us in the fight against poverty! By becoming a Champion for the poor, you can provide your own support by Donating funds for the poorest of the poor.

Please provide lifesaving food and medicine for children at risk.


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We do our best to meet needs both physical and spiritual, as well as at the individual, family and community level.

We provide food, housing, emergency relief and much more to the poorest of the poor.

We feel a special calling – and uniquely equipped – to serve the poor of the Europe and Asia

  • We provided Meals to 80%
  • Housing We covered 45%
  • Medical Attention We Provided 95%

Our Achievements

We Provided food for over Million People. We solved the unsafe drinking water problems in major areas.

We built more than 120000 housing units and provided shelter to many people. We made Millions op People Happy.

We spent More than $13.5 billions in Aid. It was made possible by people like you. Thanks for the Support and Donations made by people Like you.

Bitcoin Donations Help

Here you Will find answers for how you will Donate to us bitcoins and Help Us.

Want to Donate Bitcoin?

You can Donate us to Our Bitcoin Wallet Addresss Below.


Ethereum: 0xe46aC90d37a005954757EEC07256833B11b1F1A9

Litecoin: LUbwtR2c1NxSSzw2VJ27ZiacYCXxSiT1Jj

Bitcoin Cash: 1GXRiEmwigekdKRvuogEw1wcyShMrpgphp

Dash: XjBxrEmoyf5zihL48rxVbry4r7NB1dmzqS

What kind of Donations you Accept?

We accept Bitcoin Donations. Our Charity Accepts bitcoin for donations. We also accept Credit card and Bank Transfers.

How to Do Bitcoin Donations?

We will Provide you our Bitcoin Wallet address to make bitcoin donations to our Charity.

How much can i Donate through bitcoin?

You can donate as much as you want through bitcoins. Bitcoin donations are accepted from even $.01.

I am happy that i am part of Charity4world and helped People to feed. Charity4world is an Amazing charity which helps people by to outcome their Poverty. I donated Bitcoins monthly to them

John Abraham

Charity4world does Outstanding working by helping people in Need. They provided foods to millions of people. I am happy as i become a part of them and helped people

Julia Camperson

When i see the people they recovered, tears came out of nowhere, I never seen this kind of life before. But charity4world helped these people and provided food, shelter nad Medical aid for them. Keep up the Good Work!

David Michael

Need Help

Need to Donate Via other than bitcoins? We also Accept Bank Transfers and Credit Cards. Contact us to provide Details

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